Why we think you should BUY (Not Rent) a Suit

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Why we think you should BUY (Not Rent) a Suit

Hey Stud, it’s your day too! Forego the expensive, 1 time rental and treat yourself to a custom-tailored suit. There is a reason women buy and have multiple fittings for their gown; nothing fits every body the same – so why should you rent the same tux that has been worn by multiple dudes? Easy answer. Don’t.

Here a couple reasons we think you should buy instead of rent.

  1. Save yourself some moola! Seriously, you’re looking at $350-500 for a 1 time tux RENTAL vs. $400-600 for a tailored suit that you will get way more use out of. A suit is extremely versatile; simply change your shirt or tie and BAM completely new look!e7fb34e911a8fb661d4ffee959c0192d
  2. We promise you’ll look better in a well-fitted suit rather than a boxy rental. A nice bonus is the customization you can add without changing the suit such as adding a funky designed liner or having your initials embroidered.
  3. It’s usually not a hard sell to your groomsmen, because just like you, they will get more use out of it than the 1 day rental. A great idea is to get your groomsmen a tie or shirt as a gift.
  4. You already know your going to standing beside the most beautiful bride all day so buy something that you feel handsome and confident in.
  5. Grab a glass of scotch and go make a day of it with your groomsmen!

If you’re in the market for a well made, affordable designer suit go to Suits by Curtis Eliot here in Edmonton or Calgary.


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