The Best Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

By February 27, 2017Fashion, Wedding

The Best Wedding Dress Shopping Tips Every Bride Needs to Know

  1.  EAT

You may not want to feel bloated and swollen while dress shopping, but nobody wants to be around a hangry bride. We suggest eating something light but filling or at least keep some snacks with you for the ride. Dress shopping is both physically and emotionally draining so be prepared for a potentially very long day. I know shopping on an empty stomach makes me cranky and I usually end up leaving empty handed.


  1.  Do Yourself Up

Have you ever gone shopping right after the gym wearing a frumpy sports bra, your face is flush and your hair is thrown in a messy bun? I know even if I try on the perfect outfit but feel “meh” about myself nothing seems to fit properly. We definitely want to avoid this happening to you when you try on The One. A little makeup and hair will go a looong way to help you visualize how the dress will look when all the parts eventually come together. Confidence is key ladies, especially when you’re going to spend an entire day looking in the mirror.


Credit: Elizabeth Messina

  1.  Shop for the Body You Have Now

Brides, stop stressing about losing weight before the big day, we (and your fiancé!) think you are perfect the way you are. We know you probably won’t listen to us about this but please buy a dress that fits your body now. Don’t get hung up on the number either, dress sizes typically run 1-2 sizes larger than street clothes.  A stream stress will be like your fairy god mother, it is magic what she can do with extra fabric, beading and how easy it is to take it in. There is always something they can do. Trust us.


  1.  Know Your Price Range

Hello, you’re wearing this dress once! Set a budge or at least price range and stick to it. It is easy to try on that over the top, extravagant dress and think it’s “just for fun” but that is a dangerous game you’re playing. Once you try on the magical out of reach dress it can be hard to back to the budget dresses. Every dress after will be a disappointment in comparison. Don’t forget to factor in extra costs such as alterations, veils and accessories.


  1.  Have an Open Mind

You already know what you want, all the details pictured right down to the crystal encrusted bodice and cascading tulle skirt. You walk into the boutique and see it. The One. Well, at least that is what you thought. You try it on and simply doesn’t live up to what you pictured. Don’t let this discourage you-it happens to a lot of brides.  A majority of the time brides decide on a dress completely different than what they had in mind when they walked in. Keep an open mind. Try on different fits, styles, even colors and if your consultant suggests something, give it a try.


Credit: Morilee by Madeline Gardner

  1.  Skip the Entourage

“Less is more” fits perfectly in this situation. Too many opinions will probably pull you further away from a decision than closer to one. Your bridesmaids, your mom, and mother-in-law are generally the best people to bring along as they have they usually have your best interest at heart. Listen to your gut instinct, don’t rely solely on others opinions. The biggest mistake you can make is buying the dress you don’t love. PS. You might not want to try on the dress your mom picks out, but, listen to us when we say it is easier to just try it on.


  1.  Avoid Rush Hour

Plan to play hooky for the day. Unless the salon is by appointment only avoid Saturdays and Sundays as they are the most popular times to go. Taking the day off work to go on Monday morning will be more than worth it; the boutique will be quiet and will result in a much more personalized experience. Mornings will be the best time as consultants are fresh and will be ready to give you more attention.


  1.  The Right Shoes & Undergarmentsmermaid-wedding-dresses-ines-di-santo-7-250x500

Come on Ladies, we all know the difference the perfect shoe & bra can make. If you already have your shoes picked out, great, bring them along. If not, bring along a shoe similar in silhouette and height or multiple pairs with you to make sure you are getting the right feel of the full picture. Same goes with your undergarments, a bulky full coverage bra won’t give the right silhouette in a sexy strapless mermaid gown. Grab your bag and start packing, you’ll need the right shoe(s), a convertible bra, push-up bra, backless bra and lots of snacks. Most salons should provide this for you, however it doesn’t hurt to come prepared.

 Credit: Ines Di Santo 

Get ready to pop the champagne, with these tips we are sure you’ll find the perfect dress!


Xoxo Alexis



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